Tentative Agreement

Congratulations!!!  The Southwest Teachers Association has reached a tentative agreement.  The vote to ratify will occur on Wednesday, June 22, at the South County United Teachers Office at 1061 Tierra Del Rey in Chula Vista suite 100.  Thank you to our negotiation team for all your hard work!  Please check the negotiations page for more details.

March for Students

You may have heard that the district has released a formal proposal from mediation.  We the Southwest Teachers Association (SWTA) would encourage you to review the offer and let the district know how you feel about the proposal.

While it does show an increase in salary over a two year period.  SWTA has several concerns about the proposal.  It fails to address the need for counselors in our schools.  It fails to address the need for nurses to be assigned to no more than two sites.  While it addresses the issue of class size for our general education students it fails to address the need for our Special Ed classrooms who also deserve consideration when it comes to class size and an optimal learning environment.  The needs of teachers to have planning time throughout the year as well as teacher driven collaboration also remains an issue.  SWTA chose to address these issues in negotiations because we know as education professionals that these things make a difference for our students and help them to succeed not only in the classrooms of today, but in their future lives as well.

In short, it seems as thought the district is now admitting they have more money than they were previously willing to spend; however, they do not see the need to address issues that are critical to the success and wellbeing of our students.

SWTA will remain vigilant in the fight for our students and hope that you as parents and community members will join us.

3:30 PM – Please join us Thursday, May 19 at Mendoza (2050 Coronado Avenue, San Diego  92154)

3:45 PM – March from Mendoza to Veteran’s Park

4:15 PM – Food and Rally at Veterans Park  (1075 8th Street, Imperial Beach 91932)

5:30 PM -March from Veterans Park to District Office

6:00 PM – School Board Meeting (601 Elm Ave., Imperial Beach 91932)

Let’s show our students how much we care.  Parents and educators working together!


Parent and Community Meetings

South Bay Educators are holding community meetings because we need your help to advocate for more resources for students.  Find out what’s going on and how you can help.

Tuesday, February 23 @ Imperial Beach Charter School – 6PM (650 Imperial Beach Blvd)

Thursday, February 25 @ Emory Elementary School – 6PM (1950 Coronado Ave)

 Tuesday, March 1 @ Howard Pence Elementary School – 6PM (877 Via Tonga Ct)

SWTA Bargaining Update

No Movement! Impasse Imminent

On January 27th the district and SWTA met to try to continue negotiations. No new proposals were brought to the table by either party. Both parties discussed finance and disagreed about priorities.

As it stands now the district will be filing impasse papers to PERB. Our current proposals going into impasse are listed on the Negotiations Page.

SWTA Bargaining Update January 2016

Negotiations ended today with the District announcing their intent to file for impasse

It’s time to ramp it up! If the district is successful in pursuing impasse, mediation is next. Bargaining team members and executive board members will be visiting sites to get your input and explain the negotiations procedures for mediation and the possibility of fact finding.

We need to convince the board to make some movement in negotiations.  See the negotiation page for more information on the January 20th, 2016 update.  



SWTA Bargaining Update:

No Movement from the District

On June 15, 2015, the district and SWTA bargaining teams met. The district made no movement towards the SWTA proposals for collaboration/prep time, report card/assessment release time, class size reduction, salary, or health and welfare benefits. Our team continues to negotiate in good faith.

It is clear the district is not willing to provide planning or collaboration time to adjust for increased workload nor are they willing to increase your pay or benefits to compensate you for it. If we are to make any headway in achieving your priorities of time and compensation, everyone must present a united front and participate in all SWTA actions.

Please keep in contact with your Site Reps throughout the summer and check the SWTA web site for future updates. Remember, without your participation in all future SWTA actions, you will receive only what the district chooses to give you and not even close to what you deserve. If you know of other unit members who have not received updates due to lack of personal email, please contact them and refer them to the website.

Please visit the negotiations page to see all the proposals

Next Meeting – July 17th


In Solidarity,

SWTA Bargaining Team– Chair: Lori Palmer, Sara Golden, Andrew Sheiner, Erica Montoya,

Frank Cherry, CTA Staff Mary Ellen Berumen

June 1 – Negotiations Update

SWTA Bargaining Update

On June 1, 2015 the district and SWTA bargaining teams met. The district continued to make disappointing proposals. The district believes there is little strength and support from SWTA union members, so they continue to disregard the SWTA proposals for collaboration, report cards, class size reduction, salary, and health and welfare.

Next Meeting- June 11th

SWTA Bargaining Team- Sara Golden, Andrew Sheiner, Erica Montoya, Lori Palmer, Frank Cherry, CTA Staff Mary Ellen Berumen

See the Negotiations Page for more info.