About Us

Who are the Southwest Teachers Association?

We proudly represent the educators of the South Bay Union School District.

What is the Southwest Teachers Association?

We are both a union and a professional association.

Where do our members teach?

We teach in the southwestern corner of San Diego County. 
Our boundaries currently include all of the city of Imperial Beach, the most southwesterly city in the continental United States. West of Imperial Beach is the Pacific Ocean and to the south is Mexico. 
Our boundaries also include parts of San Diego and San Ysidro. 
The school district (SBUSD) is currently looking at our boundaries.

Why Join Southwest Teachers Association?

Southwest Teachers Association’s prime objective is to protect the rights of its members.

Southwest Teachers Association, also called SWTA, believes that education employees should be free from arbitrary and capricious decisions by their employers. When violations of our contract occur employees must have available the resources to defend their rights through appropriate legal or administrative channels. 

SWTA members also enjoy benefits and protections from state and national affiliations, CTA and NEA.

Southwest Teachers Association is also a professional association.

SWTA supports teachers in their professional growth. Our local and state associations provide training for new teachers (“I Can Do It”) and veteran teachers (“I Have Done It”). We sponsor the Good Teaching conferences.

Teachers of our local and state association fought for class size reduction and other education legislation to help teachers, students, parents, and our communities. We wrote letters and talked to legislators. We need to let Sacramento know they should support public education.

What are SWTA’s state and national affiliations?

We are affiliated with the California Teachers Association, CTA, and the National Education Association, NEA.
California Teachers Association, CTA, represents and serves more than 335,000 members – consisting of teachers and other education employees in the state’s more than 1,000 school districts. 

National Education Association, NEA, represents and serves millions of members. NEA represents teachers and other education employees from school districts nation wide.